Tuesday, 6 March 2012

do u think this is cute?

Question by its a boy! aka Joey™®: do u believe this is cute?


i wud take the padlock off tho *blush* it looks kinda heavy..but i liek that it has a buckle leik a belt, an the leather looks good..i wud be a small appropriate?
plus i wud wear it weth this>>


do u liek this one much better??

interestinf looks ill get from my parents when they see this on the credit bill *sweat coems on my head* ahaha..*
aoh i wud wear it weth the leash, not that mask..weird..*sweats*

Greatest answer:

Answer by Pink Academy
i only like the mask, if you are going to a masquerade or something.

What do you feel? Answer below!

Orignal From: do u think this is cute?

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