Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Caught my Kid Brother watching Internet Porn?

Question by L B: Caught my Kid Brother watching Net Porn?
My 13yo brother spent the weekend with me (I am 29). I left him alone for a bit, came property & located that he went to numerous porn websites, but what was specifically upsetting was his google search "underag chines porn". I know what he meant to sort & it upset me fairly a bit. Porn is one thing, Playboy, Hustler, Maxim, etc... but the "underage" and the "asian" upset me simply because a lot of that "type" depicts violent/fetish/bondage acts. I cannot tell our mom(bi-polar) & his dad is a prude, but I do not assume my bro would be comfortable w/ hs large sis talking to him about it... any tips? Oh - and he got his own laptop for his b-day, really should I sneak a blocking computer software on it?

the p-rents are fully out of the question. I guess I can recognize trying to uncover girls his own age, but what about the violence? That was what actually got me... items like rape play and solid bodily waste consuming acts. Is that typical? I understand the curiousity in sex & if it was plain porn I wouldn't care at all...

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Answer by Colette
catch him in the act and have a strict speak with him.
and say to him: i can see what websites u have been watching and we dont want to see that ever once more! or no laptop!

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