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Q&A: Is Satan getting ready to reap his crop?

Question by stung!: Is Satan finding ready to reap his crop?
Does Satan force as several souls as he can to worship him (N.W.O. / Satan's Secret Society) ? Then he set out to commence globe war 3 / nuclear holocaust and reap his crop of the dammed? How does he do this? He has his young children the Mafia / NWO distribute occult games and or practices into society so that when victims play or practice these devices it causes spiritual captivity / bondage, Revelation 13, 10. Then he works through his minions and slaves, including those strong entity's / puppets he set up in high seats in society, to force his victims to go by way of a secret ceremony of transcendental meditation were victims are forced to except one of the NWO's Many "Gods". These witches say in accepting 1 of there demons you accept them all. What far better way to join all religions of the globe together under 1 banner of 666? I guess you would have to set up the "obomination" 1st? Then Satan would work via humanity influencing leaders / and man by means of the manifestation of the spirit of sin, which influences man, attempting to reap the crop / begin a nuclear war? Why would the president of the U.S. of America go into a catholic college, give a Speech, and make them cover any religious / holy symbols and refuse the name of God Almighty to be spoken? Did these Holy symbols have a repelling effect on him and his brotherhood?

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Answer by dovernomore
1st let me say that Satan is a punk bitch. Now, I believe that his influence is sometimes so indirect we don't even recognize it. We can do the will of evil (Satan) with out even understanding we are carrying out it...and often evil seems so great. Its part of Satan's games he likes to play. He will not often come at us with horns and a pitchfork, he tends to be a lot more appealing. Thus making it easier to influence us to do what he wants, without having us even realizing we are doing it. Um, this may possibly not even answer your question. Sorry. I am just sharing my opinion.

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