Tuesday, 27 December 2011

do you think my boyfriends into this, part of me says yes and no?

Question by :) :): do you feel my boyfriends into this, part of me says yes and no?
okay we've been together a year, when i first showed him my boobs (about a month into the relationship) he stated "i feel like i ought to be blindfolded ahead of you show me" at the time i jsut smiled cos i was nervous about showing him my boobs (i dont like them)

probly about 6 or 7 months in i ws wearing a scarf and he stated "i want you to blindfold me, i want you to do dirty items to me although im blindfolded" and i stated "truly?" and he stated "no" but he nonetheless wanted me to blindfold him, so i did, just didnt do dirty points to him cos he mentioned not to..

then, about a month ago i was just wearing a scarf and had taken it off, he then grapped it and kept puttign it more than his eyes and stuff... so im guessing he probly likes to be blinfolded right? i want to please him which is why im asking

so, i figured this weekend as he's been operating out of town, ive got some good lingerie and i was goin to adjust into it, but just blindfold him before i show them to him and let him really feel the lingerie a bit prior to taking it off, then i can tell if he's into it or not, and it pleases him, then we can go on to have our sex...

guys and girls whats your opinions on what hes performed? i believed he was but then saying he didnt want the dirty things carried out,and we each said we're not into bondage, so im not truly certain xx

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Answer by coulduplstiemeup2night
That's super hot. Don't knock a little light bondage. If you do not want to tie his hands, make him put them behind his back and tell him he can't touch with his hands till you say so. Its HOT!!!!!!

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Orignal From: do you think my boyfriends into this, part of me says yes and no?

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