Wednesday, 22 February 2012

How do I explain I'm not gay?

Question by : How do I clarify I am not gay?
Just so you know, I am not gay. Useless answers implying that are not welcome and moronic. Merely because what occurred is a small strange does not make me gay. This morning I was surfing on the internet when I located some interesting article about Asian Prison systems. In Google I entered 'Asian Prison System'. No less than 23 Million results where discovered so I just clicked any random link. But then I got to some bizarre adult rated gay bondage internet site and all sorts of banners with genuinely disturbing pictures popped up. I tried to close a single but even far more popped up. Either way, the screen was filled with smut when my fifteen year old son came into the space. Becoming so terrified by the circumstance I just sat there and didn't say a thing so my son just ran off. Ellen, my wife ought to have come residence an hour ago but she hasn't, neither she nor my son are returning my calls. Truly I would appreciate if you all comprehend the gravity of this circumstance for me, what really should I do, I don't want to lose my family members.

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Answer by Eff Yew
you may possibly be gay, but why dont you do it?

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