Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pet rat penis pain help!?

Question by Kylee: Pet rat penis pain help!?
Not too long ago nowadays our pet rat Brisby has been squeaking in pain when ever he cleans his penis. And he keeps cleaning it, much more then usual. Properly, we assume he is hurting, given that rats only make those noises if he is hurt. We looked at him, and his penis looks regular. Absolutely nothing is sticking out, nothing is in too far, and there is no redness or sores. He does seem far more lethargic although, and his fur is a bit on finish.

We have had ten male rats in our care, but this, I am unsure.

It could be a penis plug, but that is generally older males, and that in no way seemed to hurt them?


(We live in Detroit, MI. Not a lot of vets who are rat savvy)

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Answer by April
Yes it could be a penis clog up. I would examine his pee. A vet would do th exact same

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