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How to make a leather collar?

Question by demmerouth: How to make a leather collar?
okay i been surfing the net attempting to discover patterns or information on how to make a leather collar. And yes im talking about a bondage collar. Been looking to give one to some one and was hoping to make it myself. i have no exp. with working or shaping leather. im looking for help or for some one who can show me some good internet sites to look at. i am searching to burn or work a name in to the collar. also have seen locking collars and wondered if those type of fasteners are easy to get your hands on.

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Answer by mj
Like a dog collar? But with a bit of kink?
Easy to do..... Cut it the shape you want and length and then go purchase 1 of those fasteners for heavy duty snaps... Fabric stores like Joannes... WalMart and Joannes sell the wood burning kit... Not expensive and you can etch or write the name in. YOu can also put some gromlets in and secure it with a heavy duty padlock and you maintain the key.... lol
If you are producing the ball? Then make it out of leather and stuff it. A great leather company on line is Tandy's leather..
They sell scraps of leather in several thickness and lots of tools.... HAVE the way, you can use leather glue or hand stitch the stuff just acquire the correct leather needle and use heavy duty upholstery thread...

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