Friday, 22 April 2011

Who knew Tiffany's carried office supplies as well as jewelry?

Question by Clueless Ref: Who knew Tiffany's carried office supplies as properly as jewelry?
Boy, those GOPers sure know how to live it up on your conservative's dime. Who knew political contributions could acquire some hot lesbo bondage action AND office supplies from Tiffany's? I didn't even know Tiffany's carried paper clips! I guess Michael Steele necessary another 24 karat gold-plated stapler. Shouldn't every office have one? But hey, at least they're against government waste. But you know, we can't be too frugal in this economy.
Zaza, I'm not a bigot. I love 'lesbian' bondage.
B-movies, yes, I can see they must be setting records for fund-raising if they can afford office supplies from Tiffany's. And any fund-raiser at a lesbian bondage club (I'm sure) would be a hit.
Aw, I think 'Rayne Storm' is mad that all their funds they took out of the piggy bank and sent to the GOP went down the crack of a lesbian stripper's g-string.
Hey Rayne Storm, I guess they bought the pens so Palin could write on her hand.

Very best answer:

Answer by Duck Hetchel
He necessary those props for the bondage club.

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