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Q&A: Weird/perverted searches were in the google search history?

Question by kay: Weird/perverted searches were in the google search history?
Okay you know how you can arrow down and get like the last three searches that were accomplished? Is it feasible that they are spam or something that randomly popped up? Well, I happened to do that and found "Asian Bondage" in the history. Seriously, need to I be concerned or is that a pop up thing?

My dad was making use of the personal computer and I'm acquiring sickened. Please tell me this is a pop up factor.

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Answer by Tha*Lunat!k
The drop-down showing visited internet sites shows pretty random stuff from what I can tell, but it's unlikely it will show a web site that was just a random "pop-up." For example my drop-down currently shows 10 items, a couple of of which I haven't even been to for a month or much more, however it doesn't show some of the sites I have visited extremely lately. All the websites showing up are sites that I did pay a visit to, nevertheless.

UPDATE: I just re-read your question and realize it's from a Google search drop-down... This changes my answer. If it was Google's webpage and you began looking and that dropped down then yes, someone who utilised your personal computer particularly searched for that. If you're talking about the Google Toolbar, nevertheless, then it will list to the right of the entry if it's in the History or if it is a Suggestion. The Google Toolbar makes suggestions based on common searches so when you start off typing it will bring down a list of potential issues you are in the process of typing. Their webpage itself does not do this, nevertheless.

EDIT: To the poster just right after me, I feel she realizes that it is likely her father who performed those searches but is disgusted at the fact. She was hoping for some other explanation :P

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