Saturday, 21 May 2011

Ideas for experimenting with mild bondage?

Question by vixen7744: Tips for experimenting with mild bondage?
My boyfriend and I are wanting to experiment with typing each and every other's arms and legs up with scarves and then blindfolding in the course of foreplay. Neither of us have done this just before, and I would like to make it an amazing experience for him (as I'm sure he will for me!). What are some issues I can do to make it 1) truly hot 2) creative three) safe?

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Answer by laura seeks the Kwisatz Haderach
Sensations on the skin are remarkable. Feathers, ice, whip cream, smells, and noises are critical too, as he will not know what is going on and it adds to the experience. Have these issues placed under the bed so he does not see them. Chocolate melted to smear on him and lick off is wonderful. You could make him a human plate and eat off of hum.

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