Sunday, 29 May 2011

What is your opinions about light bondage?

Question by navel: What is your opinions about light bondage?
I am a completely masculine guy, work out, have my life in control of what requirements to be carried out. Am a control freik, but only like losing control if I hook up with a guy who could tie me up and work me over a bit. Is this weird, most guys think its wierd to request becoming tied up appropriate off the bat. How can you get accross what you want completed? Is it too demanding? Poor for a straight to bed very first date?

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Answer by solanumcarolinense
Probably a poor idea for a 1st date, but what u do in the privacy of ur own bed room is no one business but ur own and as lengthy as both of u are willing partners then there is no dilemma. There are a lot stranger fetishes out there, being tied up is fairly mild compared to some of the issues that go on out there so dont worry about that too significantly. As for getting across what u want completed, whisper it in his ear, every little thing sounds sexy and fun when whispered in someones ear. Good luck, have fun and be secure :-)

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