Saturday, 15 October 2011

I am jealous of gay men?

Question by Roxy: I am jealous of gay men?
I am straight/married and sometimes I really feel jealous of gay males since they get to have far more enjoyable. I mean like I want my husband to wear leather for me like gloves or a hood. Mainly just bondage gear. I don't even want to hurt him I just would like to see him wearing it, but he will not. He said "simply because it's gay" How can it be gay if he's with me? Makes me mad.

So I go watch videos on the internet of males (normally gay) in bondage gear or just appear at pics and he gets mad at me. My point is all the straight men I've been in relationships with are like that. Just boring. I do get bored with my husband, but I won't cheat and I don't think it is cheating searching at the males online simply because really it is the gear they are wearing that I like. Typically you cannot even see their face simply because of a hood or mask anyway. It's just frustrating and that is why I get jealous of gay couples who get to wear bondage gear and enjoy it.

Anyway thanks for reading. Just had to get it off my chest and cannot speak about it in person with anybody.
I apologize, I do comprehend it's not just gay men who are into BDSM, it is just the videos I watch are with gay men so I tend to really feel a lot more jealous of them. I am jealous of straight couples too. Just I personally have never ever met a straight guy that liked BDSM. I know they exist though. Just not where I live lol
I have attempted showing him the dominatrix with straight males form of factor before, but it still did not alter his mind

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Answer by Brad B Back from Deletion.
Danica. You think in a fairy tale and speaking to your self (or 'god') while yelling at men and women who don't listen is psycho itself, so you have no room to throw stones. )

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