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People what are your views of people who like female muscle (muscle worshippers)?

Question by kaitlyn: Individuals what are your views of people who like female muscle (muscle worshippers)?
Do you believe those people are perverted?


Do you believe people who like female muscle is no different (no far better, no worse) than anyother fetish (uniforms, bondage, domination etc)?

As a 19 year old girl with rock solid create due to years of powerlifting and prior to that swimming, I have came across several a guy who likes me for my muscles. On the street or in bars i get asked to flex or armwrestle them. When you have had a poor day,a guy asking this can get extremely annoying but ultimatly i like the thought of being able to physically dominate a guy. Not each and every girls cup of tea but i like being stronger than alot of guys and in a way, get turned on that i get asked to flex or armwrestle as it shows my tough function has paid off.

Know what i mean?

What do you believe?

Ideal answer:

Answer by David
This is a quite very good question. I am answering it from (a) an adult, I am age 55, (b) a guy (nonetheless have hormones, thank you), and (c) a strength trainer. 21 years and counting...

Female muscle is the Same as male muscle. If you lift weights, male or female, they will get stronger. Muscle is a sexual stimulant, NOT a fetish. Bondage and domination is a sickness by folks who like to hurt other people. Uniforms is a visual stimulant. If you are searching only, you are not hurting any person.

Perversion is where you harm other people to satisify your cravings.

Guys like stronger females due to the fact stronger females produce very good, wholesome kids. This is from thousands of years of men and women living on this planet. Up to 100 years ago, life was ROUGH on this planet. If you had been not powerful, you were dead!! This applies to males, too. Powerful provides the woman healthy youngsters.

As a lifter, show off!! your strength. I get folks all the time questioning my physical strength, due to the fact of my age. I lift FIRE HYDRANTS at work. Hey guys! Top THAT!!
When I had a water softener, I would obtain 80 lb. bags of salt at House Depot. I carried the bags, 1 on each and every shoulder, leaning against each sides of my head, without having holding the bags with my hands. Freaked out every person. But you can relate to this. Strong is excellent!!!

Here is a tip you might not know the most essential portion of your body, with regards to strength, is the muscles around your spine. That is your core. Powerlifting makes your spine muscles rock difficult. Excellent, you have accomplished the very first and most essential part of acquiring powerful your BACK!!

Girls may Feel that getting rail-thin is sexy. But it is sexy ONLY when they are young. When they get 40 and older, they loose all their strength so when they are old, they are a physical wreck.

Great for you. You will age very slowly IF you maintain lifting all your life.

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