Monday, 17 October 2011

Sexual Fetish Question?

Question by Gary D: Sexual Fetish Question?
I am into a number of BDSM / femdom things like: ballbusting, small penis humiliation, bondage, being locked in a chastity belt, not being allowed to come after she does etc.

My girlfriend is really vanilla and hasn't really been into any of this but has gone along with everything so far cos we are love.

There is one thing that would reeeeally turn me on but I don't know if it is even safe to ask it. It is a huuuuge step up from asking her to tell me I am small or to put me in handcuffs.

I want her to cuckold me. I want to watch her sleep with another man. If she told me that she could never do it then I wouldn't pressure her... but I dunno if I can even ask. I think she might be offended because of how "normal" she is... and I think having her no that I want her with another man might totally change the dynamics of the relationship.

Also, If she does sleep with another man... I am worried that it might ruin our relationship 2.

Advice please...

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Answer by bradleywykes
If you ask her any of these things Gary, you are asking for trouble. Let her go now before you scare her away. If she is as vanilla as you say, she won't warm up to it. Better to find someone else - lots around.

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