Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Question by kay: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE aid me. ?
I'm asking on this web site simply because I want input and this site is employed a lot. You know how on Google, you can arrow down and see the most recent searches? Nicely, it said "Asian Bondage"!
Is there some weird pop-up for "Asian Bondage" or one thing? (like where it comes in without you wanting it). I identified it in my search history and sickened to see that. What is that all about or did a person truly search that on the pc? (My DAD employed the personal computer.)
This is a severe question. Is it feasible for weird things to seem in the search history that were not searched for?

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Answer by Baybiie Lauren

it was searched for

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Orignal From: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me. ?

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