Thursday, 17 November 2011

boyfriend wanted me to blindfold him and i think i messed up and i feel bad for him?

Question by :): boyfriend wanted me to blindfold him and i assume i messed up and i feel poor for him?
today i was round my boyfriends and i had a scarf and he wanted me to blindfold him and he stated "i want you to do dirty points to me whilst im blindfolded" and i said "truly?" (cos ive wanted to do that to him kind of for a even though) and he mentioned "no" and he wanted me to blindfold him and i mentioned "cant you do it yourself i feel weird" and he said "why is it weird?" and i said "i dont know" so i blindfolded him and i kind of played with his hair, stroked his ear and stroked his arms.. so i was doing stuff to him not just letting him lie there.. then later he took it off cos his ear got all blocked and then he went actually quiet..

do you feel hes embarassed cos i possibly gave the impression i didnt know what i was carrying out/was freaked out (i wasnt at all but i didnt do considerably cos he stated he didnt want me to do dirty stuff)i then mentioned when he took it off "i didnt do something dirty to you cos you mentioned you didnt want me to" and he stated "ahh im jsut messing about" but i did say to him "one time i'll give you a BJ liek that" and he said "yeaahh!"

i feel negative now cos im kind of acquiring the impression hes turned on by becoming blindfolded and i didnt really do significantly..the factor is ive wanted to do stuff for him blindfolded for very a lengthy time but have been to shy to say.. and suddenly it just occurred and i was nervous.. also cos when we first met we both stated we werent into bondage so i was just confused and nervous.. shall i tell him this? hes staying round on friday night (my 18th) when we come home here, shall i say to him "can i blindfold you again?" so i can prove im not freaked out and cos he obviously likes that kind of stuff and id like to do it to him.. what do you feel? xx

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Answer by Kelly <3
i did a similiar thing when my boyfriend asked me to blindfold him. i type of freaked out and didnt know what to do cos i felt a bit silly even though i wasnt uncomortable with performing it.
yes, if you want to reassure him you weren't freaked out then ask him if you can do it once more on your birthday. i'm sure he'll truly apprciate it. don't worry (:
i'm sure he nonetheless loves you!

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Orignal From: boyfriend wanted me to blindfold him and i think i messed up and i feel bad for him?

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