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Q&A: Once your enslaved by the "SECRET" society / Illuminat 666 through spiritual bondage is their any way out?

Question by Stung Stung: When your enslaved by the "SECRET" society / Illuminat 666 via spiritual bondage is their any way out?
Have you been processed by means of the NWO / Illuminates secret ceremony performed by way of altered states of consciousness / transcendental meditation and been forced by means of methods of witchcraft to accept the worship of one of the NWO's many "Gods" / Demons yet?

How numerous individuals have skilled the Illuminates witchcraft / demonology?
Have you been approached by members of a secret society who worship Satan and or 1 of the numerous other demons of the New Globe Order? Did this Satanic Mafia attempt to seduce and or force you to worship their Lord lucifer and or one of their several other demons? Did they use witchcraft to attempt and force you to worship the Devil along with subversive acts of terrorism? Did this satanic cult use magic to summon the dead to attack you even though you slept?

The Illuminati has placed occult material into society in the form of games and or practices to spiritually enslave society. These practices are strictly forbidden by God, documented in the Bible, and cause spiritual bondage / captivity Revelation 13,ten. Numerous people are unaware of this but are in for an evil surprise. Some of the occult practices contain Ouija boards, tarot cards, mirror gazing, even the eight ball with the pyramid in the center, role playing games such as dungeons and dragons and magic art which is the precursor to transcendental mediation which is the strategy for the secret ceremony utilized to enslave society. The list is endless and these are but a few.

By means of stated spiritual bondage the victims of this satanic mafia are getting forced to go by means of a secret ceremony performed by means of altered states of consciousness / transcendental meditation assisted with witchcraft. The victim is tortured by strategies of witchcraft / demonology until he she consents to go by way of said ceremony. While in mentioned state the victim is instructed to accept the worship of 1 of the NWO's numerous Gods. They say employing approaches of witchcraft / telepathy, that in accepting the worship of 1 of their Gods you accept the worship of them all. 1 of their Gods is Satan, yet another 1 they call Jesus, but they appear to have a demon for each occasion. Is this how the Devil and his Illuminati is going to bring all religions of the globe together under one banner of 666 spiritually enslaving the men and women of the globe Revelation 13,ten? Do members of this "Secret" Society recognize their own by the unholy baptism / spirit of witchcraft they get through their initiation?

The Illuminati is a big octopus with a lot of tentacles reaching into tiny & large corporations, banking, huge construction projects, education, drug cartels, biker gangs, and all branches of government just to name a few. Has this secret society threatened you and your loved ones? Did they use drug dealing cartels to terrorize you and attempt to force you in to the "Secret" Society? Exactly where you threatened by members with law enforcement? Did they use their members covertly to get you fired from your Job generating false accusation about you? Is this why they establish their members in management positions? My list is endless. Is your's about to begin? BEWARE OF THE NWO / Illuminated ones into the deep teachings of Lucifer 666!!!!

What do you get when you put the "Cost-free" Masons & associates, Mafia & associates, New Age & linked witchcraft cults together? Do you get a sick, sick, sick family reunion and fuel for the fire? When was the last time you exactly where burned with fire? Do you think your hand placed in the fire would open your eyes and set you free from spiritual bondage to the Devil and his minions / Illuminatied ones into the deep teaching of the Devil Revelation 13,10?

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Answer by Roger the Alien
Illuminati doesn't exist.

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