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Q&A: About submission.......?

Question by Sunny: About submission.......?
I just heard about what bondage is about and I have some concerns such as why would an individual want to be a submissive and be humiliated. Why do individuals like to be controlled. What does a dominant get out of the situation as effectively. Can you provide me with links or educate me on a couple of items. This is fascinating to me and as of a lot of other issues that appear odd to me I would like a little education about this. Thank you

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Answer by No Actual Support
Because most of them believe it absolves them of responsibility for their actions. It takes a critical quantity of trust in the other individual to permit them that kind of manage more than you...if you get into it, just be certain you trust whoever you are playing with.

I was in a relationship with a girl who was really religious, but she enjoyed sex...a lot. She often had problems with guilt feelings right after sex. If she had sex while restrained, she nonetheless did all of the very same issues, but, in her thoughts, she was "forced" to do them, so she wasn't responsible...even though she willingly allowed herself to be restrained.

Just Google 'bondage' or 'submission' or BDSM....there is a entire globe of stuff out there, and it can be a mild or kinky as you'd like to get.

Here's a link for a Google search on 'psychology of submissives'

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