Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Girlfriend watching porn..signification?

Question by P. M.: Girlfriend watching porn..signification?
Back from a ten days company trip (June 10 to June 20), and in search of a web site link that I visited before my trip, I browsed the history of our laptop. I stumbled upon one totally free porn movie web site that my girlfriend visited in June (6/five, 6/14 and 6/20) even though I was away. Intrigued and shocked, I searched further, and located out that it seemed to only have occurred on those 3 occasions. She browsed the cost-free porn movie site among 5 to 30 minutes. She is a conservative educated woman in her mid-30s. Following getting dating her for over one year, the only sexual activity we had was to lay down each week on top of each other with clothes partially removed, rubbing against each and every other. Based on her wishes, we by no means had sex. She touched my genitals a few times, but by no means masturbated me...and she went to wash her hands after that. I never touched her genitals, and saw her naked really briefly only two times. She says that she want to wait till the honeymoon, although we just talked about marriage but with no any concrete plans. She is not virgin anymore, and had normal intercourse with only one boyfriend (about 5 years ago). The internet sites she visited are about some fetishes and include from what I don't forget feet licking, Asian with huge breasts, lesbians, bondage, double penetration...
I comprehend that she is curious and that she is doing this in private and I must respect that, but what I located a little odd is that she does not want to be intimate with me, though we really like each and every other very considerably and have a actually great relationship. When I attempt to speak about this circumstance to her, she provides me evasive answers like "if you actually enjoy me, then sex really should not matter..", "I will have sex with you, but only following we have tied the knot..", and so on..
Basically, why would she be curious or interested in porn, and be so distant with me when it comes to being intimate ?
Any individual experienced this ? any insights ? any clues about the way she acts? signification? ..I am perplexed and disappointed by this whole situation.
TO Sienna Wilde:
I appreciate your comment, but I indicated in my initial message that she is not virgin anymore. She did sleep with her 1st lengthy term (6 years) boyfriend. She told me she was compelled to do it...but what is strange to me is that she did it a lot more then once with him (about five years ago) ?? There was an additional boyfriend right after the initial boyfriend and before me. She told me she did not sleep with him (they had been dating for about 10 months)
Also, I know for a truth that nobody else employed the laptop. I am 100% sure of that.

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Answer by Mike
I would bang her ahead of becoming engaged.

the slut put out for yet another guy and he dumped her can have her, but your question makes you sound rather foolish

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