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Will I be Mapplethorped (photography exhibition)?

Question by holacarinados: Will I be Mapplethorped (photography exhibition)?
I have taken many nude 'soft bondage' photos of my 'friend' with rope and tape, and have gotten a lot of positive feedback relating to the photos, and am getting supplied a show by a gallery (please do not ask to see them). Now my 'friend' is giving me permission to go ahead with the exhibit, even though she is a renowned scientist. How should I proceed? I've already agreed not to show her face in the photos (which is something she has stipulated) I pick for my portfolio. She isn't worried about hurting her career. In truth, she thinks it would be a positive gesture to show that scientists--especially woman scientists--are not just straightlaced, dull characters as they're generally portrayed. Any reflections? Serious responses only please.

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Answer by Lindz19
If shes ok with it then go ahead! Respect her privacy if thats what you or she wishes and only show the ones that dont reveal who she is. Also i strongly STRONGLY recommend getting her sign a legal model release, that way if she does decide later on that it hurt her career you have one thing legally binding to back you. I know its challenging to hear trigger she is a friend...but you really should never more than look legalities particularly with buddies!

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