Friday, 2 September 2011

Have you ever worn handcuffs and leg irons?

Question by Bulmaro J: Have you ever worn handcuffs and leg irons?
Handcuffs, belly chain and leg irons. As a prisoner, like in court or for transport, not for bondage or sex. What did you wear them for? What does it feel like? Does it hurt? Is it uncomfortable? Is it too hard to walk/move? Do you feel bad for not getting able to move? Is it embarrassing?

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Answer by LKW *Rule Breaker*
1. Yes, I had to wear them ahead of. Because I was being transfered out of my cell to go to a court hearing.
2. It feels like...uh, essentially what it is. Metal constricting your body movements.
three. It does if you move the wrong way.
4. Yes, it is uncomfortable.
5. Yes, that's the point of wearing them, so that it's extremely tough to walk, run, and move.
6. Nah, there's genuinely absolutely nothing to really feel "bad" about. Lol I was far more angry that they believed I was stupid enuff to attempt to get a way with them rite next to me.
7. A small, I mean your in chains. It is like a Holloween costume you don't get out of.

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