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Why do we punish Asians for working harder and getting better grades?

Question by Cornerstone: Why do we punish Asians for working tougher and getting better grades?
Why are our greatest universities much less stringent about excellence than the entertainment industry (pro sports). If anything, entertainement ought to be about cooperation and we ought to have representatives based on population percentage. Shouldn't there be much more asians in the NFL and why ought to a race that is 12 % of the population have a lot more than 50% of the NFL. African Americans were quick to accept affirmative action but are fast to press any advantage (like each group who fancies itself a minority and is political) and why are all of us accepting these huge pro sport salaries when the very first factor we really should do is regulate the cost of entertainment...make it low cost, lets do not ruin our kids chasing the dream (when its full of womanizers, greed 25 times the average doctor...25 times...thats 200k to five million and that was getting generous to physicians....shouldn't pro atheletes make 250-300k and shouldn't movie stars make half that...we have entertainment dictating what ought to be socialized, taxes and whats proper so lets....for the sake of all us limit them and in a hurry...wouldn't it be good to not devote 100 bucks to take four to the movies with popcorn...wouldn't it be good if the 5 cent original 25 cent in the 50s and 60s to going up 16 times in 15 years (62 to 77)...for a normal showing...and with the massive access to entertainment and channells it goes up...that is a monopoly and their salaries are as ludicrous as asians being barred by 200 percent to our leading universities...the ivies would be 50 percent asian and they are significantly, a lot much come we screw every other more than the hyped view of affirmative action...who is pulling the strings...follow the sports and pro hollywood...cheat, lie, steal, betray, swindle and your dollars then tell you to in effect....let them get richer why you suffer...and your challenging function is over looked....

all asians need to take up this view, this slant to prove by way of the the use the vial and the ludicrous to reveal the right...huge lips and bondage gets you 25 million....why the typical asian gets kicked in the wonder so many asians are leaving the us and returning to their homeland...350 pounds of folks pushers get millions of dumb are we gonna stay...

how a lot longer does the typical asian study compared to other races...only asians know it isn't intelligence....its how difficult you work...and they work at the books like no 1 excuse for not obtaining an tough is it to teach that?
how about men and women are greedy and dumb and most of all lazy....
Oh...Im black and hate and despise american ghetto culture...was raised on a farm by the I know work....gangsta rap is killing black, void of culture and based on drugs and spineless woman getting youngsters without fathers...25% of black men in between ages 20-29 are in the criminal justice system and THE ONLY correlating fact is not color its NO DAD= JAIL...liberals have fcked us, evil blamer preachers have fcked us, and rather of sticking up for some other "victim" i went searching for a deserving every thing appropriate and you still get fcked...fck of brotha...i'm not your brotha....and i had a father and motha.
asians had promising start off...are you insane...japan was a military regime with an emperor until 1945....korea was at war until 1950s...china had 800 million can't read farmers in 1986...but they all had two parents, they all had hard function, and the opium dens which rocked asia exactly where burn down and the abusers and pushers where beat and shot...pussy wimped young black men, with no respect and no discipline are whats wrong with the us....and yes your numbers are intriguining but do not tell the story and gives no likelihood for reform at the "i give a crap about my own kid level" its gone...its television babysitting, every person treat black people poor...your equal rights shit, based on character not begging, not pathetic crime rates...and speak about the bad shit, the obvioius facts...and then and only then are you worthy of any attention...
praising one the notion of black on black crime does not subtextually say, "its far better to kill non blacks..." which is two wrong turns from jail, killing simply because of race and thinking about race...great behavior gets good results...holy crap...we had a greater likelihood of getting a dad in before 1865? You don't think that is not pathetic, possibly you never ever had a dad, maybe you never were accused of acquiring into medical school since of your color...maybe you in no way busted your ass and so you learn to respect only those who do...your political hack is like jacking off to a beuatiful doesn't get you crap but a fake sense of confidence...and then you roll over see your fat ass wife and go to your shitty criminal ridden city exactly where 25% of the children have accomplished time and no one provides a shit about their sons anyway...they really like them the way a dog loves a bone, funds from the goverment and a play toy.
thanks for helping the genuine men and women cursed bill cosby too...
its a lot worst than jealous...its folks are discouraged and have taken on the thought that Obama and those like him are the way....share the about cut company taxes and double minimum about realizing race and class struggles are mostly a political tool to get your vote and maintain you thinking "i deserve far more, I need to have a lot more...take my vote..." democrats are black mothers who fck black each and every way discipline, no opportunity for a life...and you act like you care? give a man what he requirements...not 40 acres and mule...but two parents and some clean air void of drugs, ganstas and about the real policy of taking 12 year old girls and making them baby sit a doll for hours at a time and telling them this is what takes place when you have about doing the very same factor to black boys...and teaching fcking wait...get a life everyone who is comfy with the ghetto..get a fcking clue and get pissed off.

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