Monday, 5 September 2011

My....fifth anime survey! (nothing stupid this time)?

Question by FlyingTarantulas: My....fifth anime survey! (nothing stupid this time)?
Eels! Alright, hello! WElcome to another survey of mine. Let's get to it! *Pulls out jar of urine* Here ya go! *Splashes it in your face* Now, do a pushup! Okay, survey time!

1. You're driving by means of a desert canyon road, whne you hit your preferred anime/manga character. They die. What do you do with the body?

2. Okay, time for an innapropriate question: What anime/manga character would you like to see, in bondage?

three. Which anime/manga character deserves to have bedsheets/ lingerie desgined right after them?

4. What is the biggest act of jackass-ery in an anime/manga?

five. How many times how you changed your name? I've changed mine four times in the past two weeks.
Also, due to the fact I can, Sophia, so STFU, whore!

Greatest answer:

Answer by Matthew B
1. create a shrine and bury the physique in front of it
2. i dont role that way
3.onizuka from gto
four. desert punk (he doesnt have that name for no reason)
five, never i like my name the way it is

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