Monday, 12 September 2011

Ladies, need you help?

Question by E A: Ladies, need to have you aid?
My girlfriend consented to me tying her up, but she's a bit new to the entire bondage factor so I was questioning what is comfortable to you ladies...

For the rope, ought to I purchase standard or silk?

Gags, ought to I use a ballgag or tape?

What clothes? My gf has some good lingerie, but is there anything certain that would make it greater?


What kind of ties would be ok? Hogties, hands tied to ceiling, tied to a chair?

Best answer:

Answer by Spiritual... NOT religious
Ball gag
Her own clothes would be great as she is already familiar with them.
Blindfolds ~ only if this is "separately" agreed upon.
As a initial attempt I would tie her to the bed. You can move to other furniture as she feels a lot more comfy.

Hope I helped! ^_^

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