Monday, 16 January 2012

angry at my gf how can i get her to apretiate me?

Question by the fox: angry at my gf how can i get her to apretiate me?
tonight i have realized something. my gf does absolutely nothing for me , and i do Pretty much every little thing she asks of me. i could sit here and write an extensive list but i am just going to sum up. im out of perform and what tiny money i do have spare i devote on her even if on something small like a bar of Chocolate. she stays at my home most of the week because she does not like her mother, to which i do not complain. when it comes to sex i will do almost everything she asks of me in an attempt to make her content, e.g. bondage. i even had surgery on my penis right after snapping my frenulum so that i would not be completed in minutes(before i snapped it i would last considerably longer, she is the one that snapped it and i did not have to get the surgery for medical reasons). the only factor that i have ever asked of her is that she preform oral sex on me(that's it, i have asked her to do Completely nothing els) which i have never ever gotten her reason getting that she does not really feel like carrying out it, but expects me to give to her

how can i get her to appreciate me an the factors that i do for her

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Answer by heythere.sarah
cease going down on her. be like if your not willing to why must i.

i know that might sound mean but sometimes it takes getting blunt to get a point across.

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Orignal From: angry at my gf how can i get her to apretiate me?

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