Thursday, 5 January 2012

im in love with van darkholme?

Question by : im in enjoy with van darkholme?
hi i am 16 i am in love with the gay porn actor porn actor van darkroom he is 39 i am gemini he is Scorpio i don't know him he do bondage porn which i am not interest into bondage but i am totally in the guy even i don't care if he a porn actor or he haves HIV or he is older i don't care about that i just want to know how he is out of the gay porn you know what i mean you believe that is bad to fall in love with a guy like van darkroom
i am bisexual my sort on men are asian guys.
and i am ot joking and i am not what him for sex only

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Answer by Rush Black
you idiot you aren't in enjoy you just wanna fuck them really negative

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