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Design help for a custom,adjustable piece of sex furniture?

Question by : Style aid for a custom,adjustable piece of sex furniture?
I am seeking for assist in designing plans that will become indispensable to my specific requirements in conjugal activities with my wife, and of course it would be fantastic if we helped other individuals as well. Our specific demands stem from the following criteria: 1.) I have a quantity of painful bad discs in my back & neck. which leaves me needing assist with driving (attempting my greatest to be discrete here) & positioning. two.)She is a complete-figured gal & also has had back troubles in the past would like a supportive, comfy surface, that via it is udjustability would eliminate (or @ least aid)repositioning for her as nicely. I am no engineer of draftsman myself, but some of the ideas that I've imagined involved a memory-foam covered, reclining, cradle-like region with handles for her that I could lower, elevate & otherwise manipulate through foot controls & that was spring-assisted & reciprocal to my actions Have you ever noticed a wooden, screened dredge getting employed @ an archeological dig, exactly where they would stand there & rock it back & forth to sift out the treasures from scoops of earth? This is an image that came to thoughts for me as I began to ponder designing a thing.

I would significantly appreciate ANY input/help that Anyone may well have.

Today is our 8th anniversary!

I am NOT seeking to profit from this & would be pleased if everyone decided to take it to that level. I feel it would be wonderful if it had been accessible to other physically challenged couples. IF Anybody Wants TO HAVE MY Notion, THEY CAN HAVE IT, Just aid me in the procedure!

I've looked @ a number of swings, but none of them had been near what I am seeking for.

I'm intrigued by the hot tub comment due to the fact I'd imagined the seat/table leading location being molded fiberglass (covered with the high-tech foam. I think you could cast it to accommodate a big-sized frame & then it could be created narrowed for much more petite frames via attachable cushions.

I was barely in my 40s when an accident stole away a large chunk of my life. I was one of those folks that thought it couldn't take place to them. My Wife by the way is just brief of getting 12 years my junior, so you can picture how essential it would be to me to have a device like this that would help me to continue to act young with her :-)

Thanks for all input!

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Answer by Softtouchmale
Look for a sex swing or get a large hot tub. Seriously, that takes the load off and provides you room to maneuver.

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