Tuesday, 24 January 2012

How can I turn my picky man on?

Question by the_monkey_that_was: How can I turn my picky man on?
My boyfriend just decided to tell me that I need to have to figure out what turns him on. I've tried a number of approaches but so far nothing has worked. It utilized to turn him on when I would struggle against him but he told "issues adjust" like he constantly does. So far I have tried (without achievement):
1. bondage/dominatrix
2. food
3. another girl ( for me)
four. role playing
5. wearing lingerie with make up and performing my hair

The only issues that have piqued his interest was me playing with myself. I'm not incredibly well versed when it comes to sex so can somebody please give me some suggestions?

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Answer by Eem's
those should be in a position to turn any guy on possibly hes going gay lol

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