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Thoughts/opinion/advice on intro (part 2)?

Question by : Thoughts/opinion/suggestions on intro (part 2)?
sorry my earlier 1 got cut off, im continuing it here. If you would like to refer back to the very first 1, here is the link
hundred billion dollar budget surplus. Granted, we should be a little mad about Michael Steele spending party cash on bondage nightclubs, but that's due to the fact he is spending cash that is not his. Americans seem to get mad more than all the wrong things. But I digress.
The girl in the corner gave a neat small achoo which nearly seemed to herald the entrance of one more individual entering the office. She looked to be about late fifties, early sixties. She was carrying a young kid, not any longer than 3, in her arms. Her balding hubby followed her in. She had brief brown hair and was sporting a beige jacket and large brimmed hat – even went so far as to complete the appear with some white sunglasses. She wore darker brown pants and black dress shoes. Her husband wore your classic Levi blue jeans, brown boots (by the look of them steel toed), and a plaid shirt, almost certainly a Stewart tartan. Atop his head lay a quirky fez. They too had a verbal battle with the Receptionist. They want to see the doctor desperately they think the kid's arm is broken.
"Sorry lady, Doc ain't in right now," she muttered heartlessly, "Feel free of charge to appreciate all the great pleasures of the waiting area although," she added sarcastically.
The couple walked toward the seats and sat subsequent to me, save 1 empty chair as a polite buffer. "Bitch…" I heard her rasp below her breath as she sat down. She seemed spunky. Alas, the space was as soon as again filled with silence. It is hard to pinpoint what sort of silence it was. In the finish, it seemed to be a silence of four parts. There was the awkward silence after the exchange with the Receptionist. There was the dull dreary silence of a lot too considerably time passing with much too small action. There was the silence of thoughts. Every single individual was absorbed in there own world thinking thinking thinking. About what I can't say. Lastly, there was the heavy silence of anxiety and anticipation that sets in correct when 1 has that intuitive feeling that the silence will be broken. It was.
The lady turned her brimmed hat adorned head and kicked this greeting appropriate out into the open, "Hi, I'm Bethany. You can call me Beth," she extended her hand. I took it. "Charmed." I was so stunned by her outgoingness that I couldn't manage to utter simple pleasantries. "And you would be?"
I sat there dumbstruck for a moment then regained my composure. "Kelsey. Kelsey MacGregor."
"Well then Kelsey. This here is my hubby, Rick."
"How do you do?" Rick took off his fez and gave an elegant little bow. Or at least as sophisticated as one could get while trying to relax in a seat.
"Well Rick, honestly I'm a small irked," I admitted. Somehow these old folks were generating me really feel comfy. They produced me feel like I meant one thing to them. I know we hadn't spoken a lot, but I was sure even then that these were folks to whom I could talk. "The Receptionist is a genuine Nurse Ratched, wouldn't you say?"
"Ah yes, certainly. She has either has a bone to choose or a stick up her ass. Either way, I agree," Bethany said heartily and intentionally loud adequate for the Receptionist to hear. I caught the Receptionist give an exaggerated roll of the eyes.
"Must be a thorny stick," Rick added. I cracked a smile my very first smile in a extended time.
I liked these people Rick and Bethany. In a veritable attempt to be social, I asked, "What's the little tyke in for?"
"Oh, the little squirt? This is my daughter, Missy's, son, Ricky. Named following his dear old gramps," she shot Rick Senior an affectionate glance, "We assume his arm is broken," she continued. I noticed how she was gingerly supporting it.
I addressed Little Ricky, "Well you are undoubtedly becoming brave about this ordeal, aren't you? Appear at him, he hasn't even grimaced. You'll make a tough man some day." The tyke seemed to give some gargle. The closest thing I could liken it to would be some sort of chortle. "How old is he?"
"He just turned two."
"Pray tell, how did he break his arm?"
"Well, we are not exactly sure. We have a couple of theories. Here's the skinny…"

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Answer by Random Skittlesz
I answered the first and I nonetheless am loving it.
Too me your performing almost everything proper!
You are Extremely descriptive and I like that!!

God bless

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