Monday, 16 January 2012

Looking for advice on SEX..?

Question by Somewhere more than the rainbow..: Searching for suggestions on SEX..?
So I am actually starting to know my sexual self, and what I want. I have been reading some items about bondage, and erotica.. stories of fantasies and tieing folks up,,, cuffs and whips and all that. Where can I come across great bedroom heels, NOT trashy.. sexy.. sophisticated.. but nevertheless hot at the identical time.. and clothing the identical.. bousties ex. spelling and such that aren't trashy as nicely. I want to dress the part and surprise my man.. I am also organizing on cooking a nice meal with wine and chocolate..

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Answer by ashleybredesen't let the name fool you. they have excellent stuff that i use! really like their costumes....they have a marie antoinette series too.

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