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Please help me with these Romeo and Juliet quotes?

Question by Steven S: Please aid me with these Romeo and Juliet quotes?
Ok, I know if you guys are in this category then you should be fimiliar with literary devices (metaphor, simile, imagery, and so on etc) so I won't go over that.

Ok so back to the primary question, please tell me the literary devices of every or some or a single quote. (pleaseee no repeat answers:D)

1. "It is the east..."
two. "The brightness of..."
three. "I have night's cloak..."
four. "Lady, by yonder..."
five. "And all my..."
6. "Bondage is hoarse..."
7. "How silver-sweet..."
8. "Parting is such..."
9. "The grey-eyed..."
ten. "These violent..."

So please help. I'm good with literary devices just not with Shakespeare.

Ideal answer:

Answer by sassy_girl_stl
1 and Juliet IS the sun metaphor
3 personification (a cloak is a coat= worn by a person)
7 alliteration of S
8 alliteration sush sweet sorrow also the S sound
9 grey eyed morn personification eyes are human
10 thes eviolent delights have violent ends???? no clue...what is the rest of the quote?

What do you assume? Answer beneath!

Orignal From: Please help me with these Romeo and Juliet quotes?

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