Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Is watching shock videos bad for me?

Question by : Is watching shock videos negative for me?
I'm 13, guy and I've been watching shock videos and pornography and shane dawson and so on. given that i was 12. I've noticed
BME Pain Olympics (all videos)
1 guy 1 cup
1 guy 1 screwdriver
kids in a sandbox
1 girl 1 cup
two girls 1 finger
1 guy 1 hammer
three orangutans 1 blender
Budd Dwyer Suicide Video
Nick Berg Decapitation
Fetish Porn
Torture/Bondage Videos
Suicide videos by train...

I also have watched all 800+ videos of shane dawson all the time and adore him he's the best youtuber!

I've watched porn and masturbated to it, but only the non exploitative abusive videos or misogynistic videos. I like gay and lesbian porn too.

I've noticed SAW, Chainsaw Massacre, Insidious, Paranormal Activity 1 2, all Final Destination motion pictures, Scream etc.

---- And the point is, no matter what the videos are, I kind of smile and laugh even even though 100% of individuals throw up, get counselling, kill themselves from shock, scarred and shocked for life? And you search a reaction video for any of them and everybody is like loosing their **** and crying and screaming and puking. They do not influence me at all. I can tell among real and fake, fake is hilarious like most the shock videos, but genuine ones I'm like "you happen to be actually ****** up, i'm glad you happen to be off this globe now" and then continue consuming and listening to music ^^ or go outside ^^
So I've observed all of them... And I'm 13

I would by no means reenact what I've observed, or brag or tell everyone about them in real life , because no a single desires to see them and they are "living nightmares". I just discover them like every other video, DERP. I'm actually really quiet, polite, reserved and mature (that's what individuals say) and it's not scarring or corrupting me at all?

So yeah is it bad?

Very best answer:

Answer by Creepis Kryp
You may possibly become what is named "desensitized" or too calm.

Some day, you may possibly get a serious injury. Then instead of rushing to the emergency space, you say, "Let's wait 'til my laundry is completed".

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