Monday, 16 January 2012

How do i keep an open wound clean on a rat?

Question by spider pig!!!1: How do i maintain an open wound clean on a rat?
My rat has what appears to be a little open wound on his stomach. I believed i had removed a penis plug, looked like it was close to that area, but would it leave an open wound
I feel it was a groin abcess. Really should i take him to the vets?

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Answer by Abigail
I had a rodent with this too. what i would do is isolate him from the other rats (if you have other people) and keep his bed/ bedding fresh. feed him as healthily as achievable and stay away from vigorous workout. My gerbil had the identical factor, but ignored it thinking it would scab up, but the more i let him run about, the worse it got. he died a few weeks soon after, so i hope I'm a little bit of support. I don't want your poor rat to kick the bucket. :'3

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