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multiple choice questions?

Question by Tiffany: a number of choice concerns?
1. Fredrick Douglass's My Bondage and My Freedom is an instance of a(n)
a. autobiography b. gothic style c. fictional narrative
two. Douglass's style is
a. ornate b. plain and direct c. romantic
3. Sojourner Truth uses a style that is
a.classical b.romantic c.colloquial
4. In her argument, truth utilizes the rhetorical devices of
a. repetition and allusions b. metaphor and emphasis c. narration and parallelism
5. Nonstandard words or phrases acceptable to a particular group or region are called
a. colloquial b. archaic c. allusion
6. "An Indians View of Indian Affairs" is an example of the sort of writing known as
a. narrative b. expository c. persuasive d. all of these
7. In "An Indians View of Indian Affairs" Chief Joseph utilised
a. rhetorical concerns b. dialogue c. repetition d. all of these
8. William Cullen Bryant wrote his poetry in the style called
a. classical b. cost-free verse c. romantic
9. The tone of "To a Waterfowl" is
a. formal and religious b. plain and humorous c. melancholy and frivolous
ten. The first American poet to use blank verse was
a. Edgar Allen Poe b. James Fenimore Cooper c. William Cullen Bryant
11. James Fenimore Cooper wrote in the tradition of
a. classicism b. romanticism c. goticism
12. The character Natty Bumppo is
a. A Delaware Indian b. an Indian agent c. he prototypical American hero
13. The narrator in Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales is
a. initial person limited b. third person omniscient c. third individual limited
14. Edgar Allen Poe was a
a. romantic b. neoclassicist c. puritan
15. In the poem "The Raven" the raven is a
a. character b. symbol c. "bird of ill omen" d. all of these
16. the sound device that rhymes words inside lines of poetry is named
a. end rhyme b. internal rhyme c. slant rhyme
17. In "The Philosophy of Composition" Poe says that when they are getting written, "all works of art
must begin" at the
a. beginning b. middle c. finish
18. The fictional element that gives hints of what is going to occur is known as
a. foreshadowing b. plot c. theme d. setting
19. Louisa Might Alcott wrote
a. adult fiction b. children's books c. nonfiction d. all of these
20. Louisa May possibly Alcott's Hospital Sketches is an instance of
a. nonfiction narrative b. persuasive writing c. biography
21. The frontier-themed stories of the mid-1800s usually emphazied
a. the mistreatment of Native Americans b. the Romantic American hero c. the struggles of the
Abolitionist Motion


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