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I need an angel please come take me away from myself?

Question by chasinjason10: I need an angel please come take me away from myself?
I no I have some concerns but over all turned out quite great for a kid growing up with out the father that to this day actually affects me emotionally.also adds to my abandonment concerns from my childhood with no 1 house to tell me how to be a kid or what a family is I automatically made my own decisions from the time I was 7 my buddies at the time were at least twice my you cant blame my mother for tricking me on a number of various occasions obtaining me admitted or committed or eventually abandoned as far away as alaska it took me two years to get house at the age of ten.I mean what would you do if you answered your door to see a bunch of punk rock adolescents with knee high docks spiked up hair bondage pants with metal studded Leather jackets saying we are here to choose jason up and your seven year old jason says see you in a couple days going to hollywood with a lit joint sticking out of his getting so out of manage but feeling so in control at the time landed me in all the juvenile institutions talk about anti authority and me against the globe attitude .gee exactly where did that come from. started to like math a small a lot more then other subjects around the time i would be able to drive.when I realized my four hour work shift at the nearby 76 station it was going to take at least ten years or far more to be able to obtain a car. so I had to improvise four months later I was driving my really own paid for in cash with endless amounts much more of cash. I feel that was had been I fell back into my I tried living by your rules but my way is much better wouldn't you agree attitude.this led to my numerous years of heavy drug use harder drugs with endless supplies of drugs money enjoyable enjoyable enjoyable not to mention it was paying my bills and always kept up satisfying all my desires and wants to anything I was interested in weather I wanted it or not I was able to acquire it and locate out for myself. to be honest I think these years were the very best years of my life.up until decwhen my best buddy at the time bound to every single other by our confusion in life. I all techniques felt I littlest ahead of him trigger so numerous times watched him learn things about life I had already learned how to deal with in life.maybe I was wrong.cause that day me and 4 other pals mine changed forever when eric took a gun that I had with me for other stupid factors. eric need to have been far ahead of me trigger with out any words fairly considerably told me when i watched him put the gun to his head heard the shot as I was telling him eric dont mess about and I watched his life by means of his eyes as he looked at me his brown eyes rolled back turned white prior to he even started to fall to the floor 1 second just before he fell back to the floor he ought to have took a piece of me trigger I have never been the identical if you are still reading this your almost certainly saying wheres the ????well long story longer following all that many much more years of drugs court jail prison all the even though the cops that busted me the judges that have judge me the lawyers that robbed me the friends that I thought exactly where my household the girls I dated all these items I had to do and the 1 great lawyer I had pattrick Rosettetie thanks to a couple good pals I had tells me almost everything the judges and the lawyers and the district attorney exactly where saying in the judges chambers about me. IT was all hear say no proof of anything and they exactly where speaking of not just 1 day but a for year period of time lets just say even although that was my first court date on that charge my future was already when they got their search warrant for my little single room in the canyon although they held me in jail for becoming at someones house that got raided they held me on manufacturingging meth which they later exactly where not able to generate evidence of which is why although I was becoming held in jail they went to my location and kicked the door in right in front of my extremely nice 80 year old land lord who offered to open the brand new door he just put on with the important he held in his hand. they then ramsacked my residence via every little thing on the floor went by way of all my private and private senta mental issues that have absolutely nothing to do with any sort of crime ignored drug parafinalya but some how managed to create the only thing required to convict me of manufacuring meth the stange component of this is those points had been not in that home at all. so when they had been accomplished looking at my porn magazines and writting the words f fuck y you looks like your the 1 who is f fucked now jason all more than my walls and my mirror I was now fighting a manufactoring charge for the subsequent year was asked to move from my residence of ten years truck was imponded from an individual I let barrow that did not pay to get it out things had been poor and acquiring worse all IO had was dog pebbles and was worried about what would take place once what was about to happin to me happened.what I'm geting at is this this huge ugly picture was becoming painted of me and it gets even uglier but the actual truth is all I was and all I still am i

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Answer by Shinigami (FAC) weeaboo
too a lot
too much

...make the nasty werdses go away....

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