Monday, 1 August 2011

what should I do about my sadist feelings?

Question by insomniac: what ought to I do about my sadist feelings?
It's becoming more clear to me than ever that I might be a bit of a sadist.

I'm fine with it but I just think that society would shun me, and I'm not even certain of the type of people who do that.
the stereotypes i think in are not one thing i want to be. but it's tempting to attempt. not into dressing in black leather and such. and I'm not promiscuous, I haven't even lost my virginity.

what i mean by sadist is that i enjoy other peoples pain, I like the entire concept of folks controlling discomfort and employing it in other approaches like in a sexual way or a lot more of a spiritual way for the meditation like properties. or men and women who just like to give up control.

being a dominatrix sounds fascinating.

I would not like some 1 to hurt me in anyway although. possibly bondage, but if the strategy is to make me cry or bleed I would have to say no.

I really feel like a freak, I like seeking at body mods like suspensions( people haning by hooks for show or meditation or what ever) and this type of freaks folks out.

I'm writing too considerably.
but what ought to I do with these feelings and curiosity when I feel too shy to try it.
thank you for the type words telling me there is a masochists out there for me.
now if he was a tall, cute, dorky and into related music i would be jumping up and down.

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Answer by Mr. T
Leave it to Jesus.

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