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I'm Looking for a Strange Video?

Question by Many: I'm Looking for a Strange Video?
I saw this video awhile back, I'm not certain if it was supposed to be a porno or what, but it was fascinating and weird. It started off viewing a young girl, clearly barely 18, by way of a window. It played the song Red Queen from the Resident Evil movie soundtrack at the beginning. It used a somewhat poor quality handheld camera. The girl eventually went to bed after her father left (who only speaks off screen).

Eventually the individual lurking outside breaks in and wakes her up, tying the girl to the chair and yelling at her about one thing her dad had or made. He wanted to locate it. She ultimately breaks free of charge following a lot of "I don't no's," and crying. Soon after leaving the home, the video stopped and seemed to pretend there'd be more to come. It was clearly an amateur production, but fascinating. I mean, the acting wasn't half bad. There was no nudity, although the girl was clad rather thinly, but immensely attractive. I don't know if it was meant to be a "bondage" scenario, but that does not matter to me. I cannot uncover the video anymore, and am curious if any person knows what I'm talking about. I'd really much appreciate it. Thank you.

If it assists, I originally saw this video on YouTube.

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Answer by inukjuak90
There are three various items you can do to attempt and uncover a
video that you have previously noticed. Not only that, you
can make your results seem either: 1) in alphabetical
order, 2) in chronological order or 3) in photo thumbnail

ALPHABETICALLY (tons of results):
highlight the URL address bar on leading, then merely type
in the word "youtube". From those results, you will see:
-- every single YouTube address you typed
-- each YouTube channel you visited
-- every single YouTube video you watched
but it will be ugly YouTube code like "v=Ab1Cd2eF3Gh".

CHRONOLOGICALLY (many results):
simply click on your web browser's "History" button
or tap "CTRL" and the letter "H" on your keyboard, and
you will get a daily list of every internet site which you have
visited. Each YouTube video will be mixed in with all of
the diverse sites, but it'll in fact be less difficult for you
to locate what you're searching for -- simply because every thing will
be displayed in "plain" English. And because every and
each YouTube video is in truth its own site, you will
also be able to see the full title of each and every video.

PHOTO THUMBNAIL (few outcomes):
at the leading correct of just about every single YouTube page is the
name "QuickList". Click on that, and then after you are
on the new page, click on "History" instantly below
the highlighted grey bar. You will see thumbnails of the
most current videos you have viewed, but only the most
recent. That is since every time that you open / exit
YouTube, everything vanishes, and starts all over once again.

Think it or not, you can see your YouTube "QuickList"
and "viewing history" from right here within Yahoo. Just
click on my links below, and they'll take you directly to
"YOUR Very OWN" histories. (YouTube could 1st ask
you to 'sign in' with your username and your password):

I hope that my multiple answer is a little helpful for you.

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