Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Q&A: Women, what makes a man...?

Question by Savvy Bulge: Girls, what makes a man...?

I saw a GWS regular bragging that her man is "kinky" b/c he by no means refuses something she desires to do in the bedroom.

When discussing several positions, points of entry, maybe toys, and some role playing, sex is pretty standard all about.

"Kinky" gets into irregular paraphilic activities, which unless your partner is mentally ill, ought to NOT be arousing, in reality it's a little sad.

And if it is not arousing, then doing it is just idiotic. Feel about it--bondage and leather hoods for individuals that don't have a is like two kids playing some stupid game merely b/c they heard it's the "in" thing to do.

How about we concentrate more on the Really like side of the equation--if we could get more of that in the globe, possibly our greatest accomplishment wouldn't be how "kinky" we can get our mate to be.
Holly - you mean my "bulge"--I have two truly. )
Tronix - either you have no frame of reference on kink or no reading comprehension.

My last point is that if a companion really loved his/her partner, there would be no reason to BRAG about their sexual exploits or kinks, as if that's all s/he has that is worthy.
Fex - but your bf loves it when I touch your reality he paid me to do it.

Handcuffs on whom?

Very best answer:

Answer by rabidkitty
Well My husband and I are in our second Decade of Getting Happily Married.

That is just CRAZY talk these days.

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