Saturday, 10 March 2012

Any of you women ready and gutsy enough to accept a bondage dare?

Question by tiengagher: Any of you women ready and gutsy adequate to accept a bondage dare?
Tell me how considerably knowledge and encounter you have about BDSM. Also include your age. I will send you your dare which includes specifically what to put on and what to do by way of email. Some assignments can be carried out at residence, other people are done in public. Which ones are you brave sufficient to do? You wil need to have a close buddy to help with some of the assignments. Do you reside alone or have space mates? Do yo have privacy? Following you carry out the assignment, write to me about your thoughts and feelings as you carried it out a TKu2thedj@/a/o/l./c/o/m. Eliminate the slashes.

Finest answer:

Answer by Nina
Okay, ultimately some excitement.
On a scale of 1 to ten of understanding (ten getting the highest) i would say I'm a 7.eight--hope thats correct enough. I 1st got into it in High School, I have to say that I came across it by accident, and was quite shocked at its 'results'. So far, only three guys I've been with liked it.

I live on my personal, mainly (it depends no matter whether friends want a location for a few nights) no space mates because I Need to have privacy (lol, you would not think me if i told you where i lived!)

As for how brave I am...hahaha, you tell me.

What do you think? Answer below!

Orignal From: Any of you women ready and gutsy enough to accept a bondage dare?

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