Tuesday, 13 March 2012

what stores in orlando florida have decent NON mainstream clothes, music etc?

Question by Liza: what stores in orlando florida have decent NON mainstream clothes, music etc?
if anybody says hot topic i will personally flame you to hell and back hot subject is MAINSTREAM. im movin to florida my friend lives down there already she stated there is a excellent punk/alternative/emo/scene/etc. scene down there. im asking yourself what are the great shops to go to for punk clothes, bondage pants, almost everything that would make a soccer mommy have a heart attack and die., music stores that will sell me misfits records from the 80s and some excellent retro video gameing shops. also any suggestions of places where my bf could sell his handmade bondage pants would be excellent. they are beastly amazing looking. please appear at the hyperlinks before you answer due to the fact i want to make sure that i am not dealing with peopel who have the intelligence of a peanut simply because i have been dealing with those sorts all day. please for my sanity levels.

for the clothes

music just anywhere you would locate stuff by misfits, iron maiden, judas priest SEX PISTOLS [whoever can point me to a location that sells sex pistols merch gets Best ANSWER]
all original stuff

video games:
something that would give a laptop or computer nerd a nerdgasm. [definition: faint from pure joy and shock at the remarkable awesomeness of games]
such as: resident evil imported games, original doom games, snes games [the good ones not the p.o.s typical ones] nes games etc. anything gamestop hasnt sold because 2000.

any good pawn shops or goodwills to find these types of items at would be wonderful!

oh how great are the probabilities of two 21 year olds finding jobs down there [who are completely anarchist and hate conformity in common and want to use football fields for biker bonfires.] assume as far from conformist as you can get..

if any person says hot topic without the words "sucks enormous donkey skunk hybrid ostrich nuts" following the sentence will get flamed. nonetheless you come up with some extremely amusing insult towards hot subject you will get best answer if someone else doesnt put up an answer where to get sex pistols merch. [seeing as that is insanley challenging to discover..but then again..im escaping maryland so that could be why...there are possibly 2 record shops i have ever observed in this entire state..and 1 play and trade and 1 power gamer aND 1 Pandoras cube..all of which are shut down or hours away]

Very best answer:

Answer by maryp
Before you spend funds on clothes that might not perform for your job, get a job and see if there is a dress code. You may well require each penny to spend for a room or an apartment, so be cautious. Spend the cash left over for the clothes you like, and wear them on your days off. Check Goodwill and other thrift shops weekly, due to the fact merchandise adjustments speedily.

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Orignal From: what stores in orlando florida have decent NON mainstream clothes, music etc?

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