Sunday, 18 March 2012

What are the odds my girl friend will like bondage?

Question by Chris!: What are the odds my girl buddy will like bondage?
me and my girlfriend are both seniors in high school and have in no way experimented with bondage. I have wanted to try it but have in no way been with a girl that im as close to or as open to till now. I mentioned furry hand cuffs to her one night as a valentines day present and she mentioned it sounded like fun but we were also at the mall and she passed a under the bed restraint kit and mentioned it looked intense. I strategy on getting the cuffs and talking to her about it a lot more just before that night but I just don't want to weird her out or something and its tough to tell if she will be into it or at least give it a try. also if i do get her to what are some enjoyable items to do to her whilst shes cuffed that would not make her uncomfortable.
yea it would be a dream come correct if she likes it but I know i require to go slow and do every thing in my power to make it a lot more fun for her than me the first time trigger I currently like it. Even if she tries it and doesnt finish up liking it i guess i will at least know how she feels about it, but I want this to operate more than anything in the world
I talked to her and she is just as excited to try this out as i am and i couldnt be happier.

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Answer by kzx29
God lucky you if she says yes. I wouldn't bother to run this idea past my girl lead to I know it would get shot down with something like:
"Handcuffing me? What if something occurs and I require to get out of the residence?"

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