Friday, 9 March 2012

Sex problem... am I a bad person?

Question by : Sex problem... am I a bad person?
When I was 13, I was in charge of home sitting for a couple.
I believed it was a sweet gig: pizza, large screen tv, pool, etc.

An intruder came into the property and forced me to have sex with him.
He tied me to the be upstairs and did unspeakable things time and time again.
The first couple of occasions really hurt and I was upset. Right after awhile, Ide hear him coming
up the stairs and start to get wet >,<
I dont know why, but I started to like it. Pretty soon he untied me
and we ended up doing it all night. He was really rough and used bondage,
and now its one of the only ways I can get off.

I have kept this all from my fiance. He knows that I was taken advantage of,
but he doesnt know that when we have sex.. I think of that masked man.
Ive even made him wear one of my stockings on his head. Ive kept my computer
password from him due to my huge supply of rape fantasy porn.

The problem is my boss looks alot like the man did, or atleast what I could tell
from the pantyhose over his face. Im finding myself being REALLLLY tempted, and
I know for a fact my boss likes me due to a drunken confession of his at a Christmas party.
I have found myself hiking up my skirt and whenever he flirts or whatever I act stuck up and later
push the level of tempting him. Ive even unbuttoned my shirt infront of him in the copy room only
to slap him when he tried to make his move.. I want him to take me. what is wrong with me>,<

Why questions:
- Am I a bad person for this fantasy or these actions?
- How could I get my fiance to have a fantasy threeway? He is a very jealous person and doesnt understand that I crave that feel of being forced. He'd NEVER go for it.
- Should I try for the one night stand to get it out of my system? Im seeking a different career path/may persue higher education and this may be my ONLY chance to fulfill this sexual void

Please help

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Answer by NCAA Fanatic
LOFL. ROTFL. WTFLOLWTFLOL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.............................................................
Did I also menton that YOU ARE A DUMB TROLL

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