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Q&A: Will my behavior develope to be dangerous? (masochism)?

Question by : Will my behavior develope to be dangerous? (masochism)?
Initial of all I am an Asian female.

I enrolled 7th grade in a enviroment that was completely new to me, new schoolmates and new guardians. That was when I adopted this behavior - I enjoyed becoming teased, picked on. it didn't take me extended to figure out how to make it a thrill for my close friends to have them wanting to do it much more in the future.

And as for as lengthy as I could bear in mind, my first sexual fantasys has always been extremely violent and S&M(bondage. and so on)

And as I hit puberty I grew much more timid on opposed to me peers who grew moody, I was a vibrant kid but I purposely made errors due to the fact I knew it'll get me a trip to the detention center even stay following school, just small items like that, I loved being punished and lectured, and I've always been attracted to dominate folks who out-talks me. and occasionally I take pleasure in causing myself pain (pinching, drowning and plucking BUT mostly becoming bullied/punished.

I'm 17 now and I lately learn the term 'masochism' and I wonder if this can develope into a unsafe behavior, I've by no means been in a sexual
connection but I would picture that I'll discover a lot pleasure in S&M. Again my fantasies are extremely violent and I dont know if I can physically carry it out in true life, though I'd really like to. I am afraid I may well discover a deeper pleasure by way of intimacy and do myself significant harm. I know people have their own likes/fetishes, but am I still in a reasonably safe spot? Do I need to seek support? Thank you.

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Answer by solid_zelda
I can assist you with this.....enacting the fantasies that is D

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