Sunday, 11 March 2012

I think my bf maybe gay.......(Adults ONLY)?

Question by Hey U, Yeah U..Get over right here: I believe my bf perhaps gay.......(Adults ONLY)?
He's been uninterested in sex lately, he loves to dominate girls (like BDSM stuff, boardline rape, anal etc...i don't let him do this stuff, but he's told me he has had slave ahead of) O.K. NEway he's not a large porn guy but what he does look at on the net is this website that has sex stories on it. Once again some of the stories he looks at (i've been checking the history) are bondage, rape, degration in general of ladies. Lately he's been reading gay male stories...some involve ladies but mainly its male on male. And he's been saying stuff like (when i am bitchy) he can understand why a guy would turn gay.
I teased him nonchalantly about liking the penis and he stated he's not a catcher. It threw me off guard b/c he sounded critical. I have a "buddy" that is bisexual and told him (as a test) I could arrange a meeting in between the three of us. He looked at me interested and then just turned about...later that night he mentioned he would do Something for me. what do u guys believe

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Answer by wizjp
You're not married walk away from this loser in the producing.

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