Monday, 12 March 2012

sso i got drunk and.......?

Question by invisible: sso i got drunk and.......?
So the other day I got drunk...when u get drunk you get horny
So I hit the street's lookin for tail. I found this cute college broad, fallowed her home then when I was particular she was asleep I picked a landscaping rock up and heaved it threw the window. Realizing she might be picky about where I put my fifth of soco. I took a big shot then pushed my way threw the broken glass. An no 1 likes a nasty infection so I discovered some neosporin and a bandage...not to be confused with bondage...that's for later. I woke her up by tapping my penis on her face when she awoke I swiftly shoved it in her mouth to preserve her from saying that dreadful word that rhymes with "show" immediately after I first I finished I let myself out the front door. A handful of days later get a summons. This bitch is sueing my for the broken window. Can I sue her for not leaving a crucial under the mat?
Miss- I think your upset because no one rapes far chicks. Take pleasure in your #3 with fries.
She in no way said no, thus no "rape" took place. The only crime right here folks is a much less then enjoyable blow job

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