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Q&A: Penis concern?

Question by Peter S: Penis concern?
I am a 26 year old male (virgin).

I have in no way had any penis issues, and I am not even confident I have a dilemma now, but I'd like your thoughts on this:

Right subsequent to the penis opening, there is this little pore. It seems to fill every so usually, with a white substance. I really gently 'pop' it in the shower, like every single few weeks. Out comes a little white plug, which I wash away with operating water. There is no itch or discomfort associated with it. I wonder is this healthful and normal, and ought to I 'pop' it or really should I leave it?

It really is precisely like a whitehead on your face, it's like the exact same sort of thing.

I am concerned because I worry it could turn out to be a locus for infection in the future with possibly dire consequences.
Additional to recent comments, I am a virgin indeed I am a great Catholic boy! So I have not carried out something with a girl, ever. This counts out any STD/STIs.

And if this question offends you, I apologise, but possibly keep away from the men's wellness region in future!
Additionally the pore is not swollen or something.
and it is right beneath, in the middle, of the opening. It appears to be part of the frenulum nearest the urethral opening.
I just realised my description of this point as a whitehead is not really correct. It is more like a blackhead, in that the opening is always there the issue is not 'sealed' so to speak. So when I say 'pop', I mean ejecting the tiny plug without having any sort of explosion of pus like in a whitehead kind scenario.

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Answer by lordofthesithlordvader
i think ive carried out that as soon as on my balls and it went away get you may well have an infection or and std. go to ur docter to get it checked out

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