Friday, 9 March 2012

Q&A: What to do about my perverted uncle?

Question by : What to do about my perverted uncle?
So my bf and I just moved into an apartment together. The poor component is that it is only 2 blocks away from my uncles and it is right on route to the bars (which he visits daily). He stops more than all the time. I dont want him right here but it actually upsets my dad that I am not much more open with my uncle. He comes more than and begins talking about his wife in sexual bondage (breast clamps, ballgags, rope, and so on) and these weird stories about stinky vaginas and group sex. It is sick. I ask him to cease and he just tells me to shut up and respect my elders. My bf is also repulsed by him. A couple of instances we told him to leave. Every time I finish up finding a call from my parents that is unpleasent and how i have upset them.
It gets worse.. he also keeps telling me that he would screw me like a rubber doll if I wasnt his brothers daughter.

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nicely, then you can move or give him some

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