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I don't know if I'm Bi... I love girls, and don't mind boys doing stuff to me, but I hate penises?

Question by ItsMe123: I do not know if I am Bi... I adore girls, and don't thoughts boys performing stuff to me, but I hate penises?
It really is all come from when I was younger...

When I was only about three or four, don't know exactly where I learnt it from, I had a buddy, and we finished infant school just before my brother finished school, so we'd run upstairs into the bath and play with items and our penises. I honestly do not know why, due to the fact it wasn't arousing at the time.

Then, with the very same buddy, and yet another 1 (not together), at only about 6 or 7 till about 10, we utilised to play dares, as most children do and we utilized to do sexual dares to each and every other. Factors like oral sex. I used to enjoy them carrying out dares to me, but I in no way truly enjoyed undertaking it to them.

Also about 7, at school, me and a various friend employed to go into the toilets together and show every single other our penises, I utilized to really like showing mine, but hated seeing the other people.

Then when I was 13, I was at my close friends home, who is a year older than me and it was just us alone. He had just got an Xbox 360 and I had by no means had one before, and the game 1VS100 on it was out. I decided to have a go and my friend jokingly said 'Get this subsequent question incorrect and you'll be 'punished'' ... I accidently (yes... accidently) got it wrong, but I did not know how he meant. He tried placing his hand down my belted up jeans. I managed to quit him, I did not truly expect him to do it so I believed it was a bit of entertaining. He said the very same once again, this time, I pruposely got the question wrong, he tried, and failed once again. The subsequent time I genuinely got it wrong, he sat on top rated of my chest, with my arms on top rated and unbuckled my belt and got his hand down there, to which I was strangely aroused... But believed Ill get him off, so I do not appear gay (even even though he looked gayer?) I purposely got the next 1 incorrect, he did the exact same again, except this time he pulled my jeans down to leave my boxers there, and he produced jokes like 'Oooo, obtaining happy are we?' The issue was, my penis was little, so I tried to get him off before he took my boxers off and saw it.
I then sat on him when he wasn't expecting it and put my hand down his trousers to get him back, and hated it, the really feel and thought and almost everything, speedily got it out.
After the joke was completed, I'd gone property and about a week later, we went out to play football and located that there was a fair on, and away from the fair was a huge hill, so immediately after the fair, we sat on the hill and looked down. All of a sudden, he got on leading and put his hands down once again and I loved it, but pretended I hated it, and, after about 2 minutes of him 'restraining me' (even even though I secretly could get out), I ejaculated... (I feel I could be a premature ejaculater, yet another difficulty), and I was huegly embarrassed, so it was modest penis, ejaculating, pretending I hated it.
That has happened once more considering that. It sound weird but I crave for this to take place again, as I have a bit of a bondage fetish now, but as I said, I don't like penises, and I am scared that if I do get it to take place once again by going to his, when he 'restrains me against my will', he could use some thing like rope, exactly where this time I genuinely can't get out and he tends to make me do stuff to him? I don't know if he's gay, but performing this in the first spot makes me believe he could be, I am worried he might actaully turn gay on me and force a thing more like oral on him or anal.
I know this could be classed as rape, but we're such good friends, I would not report it. Our parents are pals.
The only purpose I take pleasure in it off him, is since he hasn't judged the size of my penis, whereas I am scared girls will, he does not go my school so I will not get terrorised if he spread it, whereas most of the girls I know go to my school, and that is why I'm scared and fascinated with this notion.

As I meantioned in the question, it tends to make me wonder if it classes me as Bi? I do not thoughts boys touching me, or as far as oral on me, but I do not like them in that way?


P.S - Wow, if you happen to be nevertheless reading this, thanks, I know you are possibly tired now )

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Answer by Connor
Naturally you are not Bisexual if you don't like males in that way. Sexuality is NOT all about sex. If you are not emotionally attracted to males then you are bisexual.


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Orignal From: I don't know if I'm Bi... I love girls, and don't mind boys doing stuff to me, but I hate penises?

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