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Homosexuality vs. Pedophilia?

Question by : Homosexuality vs. Pedophilia?
Before you start generating assumptions about what I'm going to say subsequent, I'm gay. Sorry this is long, but please read it if it interests you and give me your opinion.

This is just one thing that's been bugging me lately and I would like to get some other people's views on the topic. Anyways, I've known that I am gay for a whilst now. I've often had sexual thoughts about men as opposed to women. I have, nevertheless, never ever felt much more than friendship for a guy, but I have for a handful of girls. Despite this, I feel the want to be in each an emotional and physical relationship with a guy. I was raised Christian, but no longer consider myself a follower. More than time I have realized the several flaws and contradictions that religion in general possesses and no longer identify with ANY religion for more causes than my sexuality. Nonetheless, becoming religionless does not mean I do not have moral agency. For instance, I feel it's a widely accepted view that murder is incorrect. Why? Let's say you care about somebody a LOT. You Enjoy them. Now, if somebody you did not know kidnapped, tortured, and killed that person you loved, you would feel a whole mess of sorrow and hatred and a lot of other unfavorable emotions that nobody ought to ever have to really feel. Therefore, even without taking religion into account, I assume it's safe to say that murder is IMMORAL.

Now, regardless of your Christian denomination, it's plain to see that the bible says that homosexuality is Incorrect. Not becoming Christian, I personally could give a fine f**k what the bible says. However, there are a lot of items in life aside from the bible that appear to recommend that homosexuality is almost certainly not... desirable. For instance, the penis and vagina are obviously meant for every single other, as they fit so perfectly and are capable of reproduction. This isn't a extremely deciding element in the morality of homosexuality, I understand. Nonetheless, it does suggest that it might not be... I do not know. I am in no way certain what word to use. Unnatural is not a good one particular, seeing as there are homosexual animals. Anyways, I guess I'll just move on.

Now for the principal point of this novel. Often when these types of thoughts get me down about my sexuality, I do some research on the web to uncover some reassurance. In my research, I've found that pedophilia, in terms of its self-discovery and involuntary agency, is very similar to homosexuality. From what I've read, it seems that pedophiles, like homosexuals, have sexual thoughts that they "cannot aid". So, just like homosexuals are attracted to the identical sex and merely can not feel sexual attraction for the opposite sex, pedophiles are attracted to prepubescent children and just can not feel sexual attraction for older individuals. The typical justification for homosexuality is that if two people consensually engage in a sexual act together, there is no harm whereas pedophilia involves taking benefit of an innocent kid. Nonetheless, there are numerous items that men and women consensually engage in together that probably shouldn't be completed. For instance: bondage and s&m. Bondage is just, in a handful of words, deviant and twisted. But people appreciate it. Does that make it Correct? Or extreme fighting for instance: there are individuals who willingly get together and beat the s**t out of every other for fun. But they Appreciate it, does that make it correct? Possibly homosexuality should not be compared to these things, but I think you get my point. I was also thinking that maybe the cause we look down on pedophilia is simply because we're so more than-protective of our children. Maybe if we told them about sex earlier, they could determine regardless of whether or not they wanted to engage with a sexual act with someone else. This believed is the 1 I really feel most guilty about, simply because I would never tell my youngster that, but it just gets very confusing for me sometimes. I know that pedophilia is a matter of age and not gender, but it nonetheless has equivalent aspects to homosexuality. I've entirely accepted the fact that I'm gay and that nothing at all will adjust it, in reality I like it, a LOT. It really is just that I at times feel... uncertain about it. It feels strange that individuals like me are becoming much more accepted by society, but pedophiles are nonetheless estranged and hated just like homosexuals employed to be. I know that some sexual preferences are just not appropriate, like necrophilia or beastiality, but is that to say that homosexuality IS correct?

I know this is question is kinda "out there", and I possibly appear like an insecure, self-hating malcontent, but it is genuinely been bugging me and I'd like to get some much more insight. If you've created it this far, thanks for reading and PLEASE give me your truthful opinion.
These are all extremely good answers, thanks for truly responding. Haha, I feel like a total idiot now, but I just necessary some reassurance I suppose. Thanks once more. :)

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Answer by Darui™
This arguement is flawed simply because there is homosexual pedophiles that like tiny boys. So you can't do homosexuality vs Pedophilia.

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