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Does the Satans "Secret" Society use saturday morning cartoons to place children into spiritual bondage?

Question by : Does the Satans "Secret" Society use saturday morning cartoons to spot youngsters into spiritual bondage?
Does the Illuminati with it's many branches such as the "Cost-free" Masons & Associates, Mafia & Associates, & New age movement and associated witchcraft cults use Cartoons to influence and teach children how to perform witchcraft and practice demonology?

Does this evil Satanic Mafia use cartoons as nicely as a lot of other techniques to spot little children in spiritual bondage?

Saturday morning on channel 12 I witnessed a cartoon teaching young children how to go although initiations to reach larger levels of witchcraft and that in so undertaking they would receive spirit guides / demons whom they called ferries that would assist them. Satan's children are quite brave aren't they!

Have you been taken captive by Satan and his Secret society Revelation 13, 10? all you have to do is participate in said occult practices and or "Games" witch, get it, the Illuminati has placed into society to take men and women into spiritual bondage to witchcraft / demonic forces and that via stated spiritual bondage individuals / victims are getting forced to go through secret initiations preformed by way of approaches of spiritism / witchcraft / demonism and are getting forced to accept the worship of the New Globe Orders numerous demons a single which includes but not limited to Satan himself.

Is the Mark of the Beast a SPIRITUAL MARK?

Is the MARK OF THE BEAST acquired right after going by way of the NWO's secret ceremony performed through Transcendental meditation assisted with witchcraft?

Is this the technique for the unholy baptism / spiritual bondage, and the lowering of the all Seeing Eye on humanity / the pyramid?

Did the NWO give you your keys to get into a single of the dungeons of damnation / horn sign?

Did you get your spiritual stamp and one way ticket to horror and pain for eternity?

Satan's "Secret" Society is handing them out for "Totally free". In truth they insist that you obtain it, other wise they will torture you with witchcraft. If that doesn't operate, they will use their members in the Judicial, Executive, and Legislative branches of government to attempt and intimidate and control you. If that isn't sufficient they have set up secret, shhhhh, members up in management positions in huge and little corporations to intimidate and manage you by means of threats of termination and homelessness. This satanic mafia is not above the law they are a law all unto themselves!!! HILE HITLER!!!!! or do they say HALE SATAN!!!!!!
Good hat stretch. is that your Illuminum foil anti NWO / thoughts manage / manipulation / witchcraft helmet? Did you bless it with Holy water initial? does it quit the tinitus or the mind manage / manipulation? How about the witchcraft dreams?
Illuminati 666!!!
Warning, Warning, Danger, Danger, A large Satanic underworld government is forcing and seducing folks to worship the Devil and their several other demons. Is their primary objective to enslave society by strategies of witchcraft / demonology into a underworld satanic mafia / NWO and put a unholy baptism on humanity enslaving society. The lowering of the all seeing eye on the pyramid!!!

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Answer by There is no Dana, only Zuul
There are still "Saturday morning" cartoons? With factors like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, I thought that had fairly considerably died out.

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